To say that trading advisors in the network has a lot of is to say nothing. The number of forex advisors, and new strategies rolls over, every day there are new promising to bring 1000 % per month advisers. Each trader can put your trading method on the Internet, but few of them are really worried about the efficiency and reliability of the strategy. Therefore, more cases of bankruptcy, discharges and losses of deposits inexperienced investors or beginners. All because of a low level of knowledge in the field of trade advisers above market representatives. Therefore, in this article we'll look at how to find a proven forex advisors and save their money from very mediocre robots.

We start as usual with the basics - what can be considered a proven adviser? The description says that the robot is trading on a particular algorithm, which is usually described in detail, the developer promises a grand profit, and also free. Is not that an investor's dream? The answer to this question and we have to find out.

Proven Forex advisors - advisors who have in addition to the standard description of a number of facts supporting its profitability, such as, for example, monitoring of real or demo account, a lot of positive reviews on the independent forums, guarantee a refund in case of loss, and so on.

Why do so many traders lose their money? The fact is that in most cases the description of advisers is rarely backed up by facts or statistics, and believe every word in a monetary area - no way. Therefore, an experienced investor or trader in the first place before using the advisor will check it in all possible ways. Trust, but verify - the saying goes. As we have mentioned earlier by one of the most illustrative and reliable way to test counselor, is the analysis and monitoring. Monitoring of account - a feature that shows online all the opening and closing of the transaction in the account. In other words, we can see how the adviser, how much on average it brings, how many trades does much loss, etc. If no monitoring with an advisor, most of all, before your next slivator.

In addition to monitoring analysis, the trader may be useful to know the opinion of the adviser on professional forums. Do not read the comments on the page advisor, there are usually published exclusively positive and laudatory words. Another thing independent forums, communities traders. Proven Forex Advisors is one of the most discussed topics, traders share their views on the tests and the different strategies and robots. Reviews or reviews on advisers may contain images with charts, test results on the stories, comments on the work of advisers with certain settings and other very useful information. The more information and opinions about the advisor you will be able to gather, the better.

Developers or distributors often give a guarantee on forex advisors. Usually, they will refund the invested funds or money for the purchase, if the adviser does not bring you profit for the period. It's kind of a safety net for the trader.

Sometimes, of course, is what seems to be proven forex advisors from different people show different performance. It's realistic and can be associated with different settings advisor, using the services of various brokers, and trading in different financial instruments. It's necessary to be aware of this possibility and allow a small error. If you find a new adviser, it's always possible to run through the strategy tester that is built directly into the MetaTrader 4 terminal. In any case, you can find a way out of the situation, do not risk in vain, do not trust the unknown real money trading advisors, and remember, the best proven forex advisors are those that you check for yourself.

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