The authors of this expert advisor chose to conceal how the algorithm makes deals. It is only known that trading robot makes deals in the direction of the forming trend, thus increasing the open position along the price movement in the beneficial direction.

Advisor is multicurrency, but it shows best results on such currency pairs as EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY. The authors selected parameters of the robot for trading in the h4 timeframe, but you can trade on smaller timeframes as well. Trading robot is suitable for DCs using 4 and 5 decimal places.

The Jumper EA enters the market towards the sustainable trend after the correction is completed. The deal is made after the breakdown of the extreme preceding the start of the corrective movement. The strategy in the EA basis uses MM, which should prevent a deposit of siphoning. The criteria used to determine the strength of the trend are unknown.

Trading style can be deemed quite aggressive. The Jumper EA strives to increase profit as much as possible by adding to the already opened profitable position. It is also allowed to use trailing stop in the code of the advisor. By default, the trailing stop will move the order following the price at the distance of 15 pips in increments of 5 pips.

Jumper EA: configuration and preparation

Since the development of an expert advisor in 2011, slightly modified versions of the algorithm have appeared. Some of them use Martingale principle in trading (i.e. trade is conducted without SL). Various customization options allow to use the Jumper EA on the m15 to h4 timeframes.

Orders step value in the EA settings defaults to 60 pips, this parameter indicates the distance that the price should go in the beneficial direction before adding to an already open position. Minimum lot is 0.01, and its value can also be changed.
By default, the EA will use a trailing stop. Trailingstop and Trailingstep parameters can also be changed. To forbid the EA using a trailing stop, you need to change the parameter value tral to false (it’s true by default).

Jumper EA – test results

Testing was conducted during the period from the beginning of 2014 on the EUR/USD currency pair (h4 timeframe). Default settings were used. Since January of the current year, the EA hasn’t made any deal. After switching to the smaller timeframe, the situation hasn’t changed. It seems that the default settings just skip most of the possible entries to the market. This explains the passivity of the EA.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the EA code is closed, and its authors don’t explain the intricacies of the trading robot. As a result, the trader can only change such insignificant settings as the lot size, trailing stop parameters, distance between the orders. The algorithm of the EA remains unknown and it can’t be modified.

The authors say that the advantages of the expert advisor include its ability to trade pending orders, which to some extent protects its work from the lost connection. However, this can hardly compensate for the inability to improve the trading algorithm. Therefore, it can’t be recommended for trading on a real account.

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