Profit, profit, profit - these words warm the soul to any trader, and not only the trader, but just anyone. But, nevertheless, only a few of those involved in Forex currency trading, receive a steady income. If you look at the problem from another angle, another angle, one can not help asking the question: "Maybe you should first learn how to trade without losing money? "In other words, trade to breakeven, yes, even while you do not earn, but it is well and that you at least have nothing to lose. Those who think so are probably trying to find a break-even net forex advisor. Is this possible? - Read on.

For a start it would be good to understand in detail so that a break-even trade directly breakeven. Idealistic option - trade in a market where every transaction is profitable, no matter big or small, the main thing that profit covers overhead costs (commissions, swaps, internet, etc. ), no losing trades at all. That is, a trader constantly richer, its capital grows, its transactions are 100% correct. Of course, to find this kind of break-even forex advisor can not we say even more - it does not exist at all. Such an advisor can exist only in the minds of visionary investors and traders.

Another option is the following interpretation of the win-win adviser. A robot that uses the martingale for trading in the market, it can carry status - the break-even forex advisor, but with a few caveats. For his successful work and to act as "breaking even" endless capital needs, at the very least at least a very, very big capital. Its essence lies in the fact that trades are entered in the same direction as long as the market will not move in your direction. If the market will decline for a long time (such as during the 2008 financial crisis ), then you need a lot of money to sustain this fall, and then the market can sometimes recover for a long time (several years).

At the moment we already have enough information to say that the break-even sales advisor forex trading is something unreal and nonexistent. With most of the points of view of the way it's, even to the idea that there is such a program that knows where the market will go and what will happen to him in the near future, it sounds crazy. But if we ignore the ideals and scientific and approach the issue from a practical point of view, it 's not that bad. Break-even counselors there to prove it and a lot of successful traders and investors who use automated trading systems.

If a trader uses a robot or a system that let them and makes losing trades, but ended up making a profit, what it does not break even trade? If you push the standard of perception of losses and profits, then we can conclude that the profit to cover losses as a result of a plus, or in the worst case, a zero and a break-even trade. This definition of break-even in our opinion is the most practical and relevant.

Search for a "Holy Grail" and the like win-win advisers to nothing lead. A trader who finds or creates a trading strategy that brings a constant profit ( not necessarily high ), in fact, receive a break-even forex advisor. So do not try to buy the extremely high profits and attracting the absence of loss-making deals that are so often full of descriptions of "break-even" advisors in the network. Your goal is to find a profitable Expert Advisor that does not use high-risk, low-probability methods of making a profit, as well as false or unrealistic methods. Set a goal to make a profit is not always, and upon completion of a specified period, for example up to a month, or a week, and then you will see that the counselors are very real win-win.

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