Forex industry offers so many universal trading advisors, which are able to work on many instruments and in different time periods. Trade Expert Piplaser is the advisor with narrow specialization. This simple algorithm was announced in 2011. It was presented to the public by the company Albert Perrie and John Grace. Users of automated trading systems always meet new products of this manufacturer with a great interest. This company always offers  high quality and popular products.

Piplaser was created to work with one currency pair - USD/CAD. This tool was chosen not accidentally, but as a result of deep optimization. Certain configurations and selected currency pair were found as a result of many manipulations with the logic of the method and parameters. The Advisor operates in scalping mode during 15 -minute interval. Usually, scalping type of trade requires many transactions, but this expert does not work intensively.

Transactions are conducted rarely, but, as all traders, who employed the algorithm always note that it gives good results. As the results of the test of this trading robot show, the low frequency of transactions does not interfere with the system and it makes much profit. In addition to the licensed version of the advisor, which can be found in the Internet, Piplaser is freely available. Installation requires traditional steps: download advisor from the resource - unzip the file - copy the file to a folder with the advisor to the “Experts” folder - start trading terminal and bind the expert to the USD/CAD chart.

The picture shows the results of testing of the advisor on the resource

Description of the parameters of trading advisor

There is a list of main functions and input parameters of the trading advisor Piplaser with a brief description below:

TradeLevel - this option performs the functions of risk management and sets risk limit for each open position.

MinLotSize - here you can specify the minimum working lot, which will begin be used by the robot in the beginning.

MaxLotSize - here, accordingly, the maximum working lot is set. Usually every trader has his own money management system. The value of  MaxLotSize is determined based on the parameters of the system and the expectations of risks.

StealthMode - if you activate this function information about SL / TP orders is not hosted on the Forex broker server.

StopLoss – the parameter, which is responsible for the limitation of losses.

PipTarget - parameter responsible for the limitation of profits.

TimeProtect - the time, during which the order is to be executed, otherwise the advisor significantly reduces the requirements for closing a position with a profit.

MaxSpread – the parameter that defines the maximum value of the spread, which will allow the advisor to open positions.

These are just some options of the advisor. It is also possible to control the color, graphics and identification functions. Almost all major dealing centers support work with the Piplaser advisor. The main work time of the expert is the Asian trading session, when the activity in the pair USD / CAD is often on the highest level.

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