In the currency market - forex trader is a measure of the success of its earnings and profits to a greater extent depends on the trading strategy he uses. Therefore, to find or create a profitable trading strategy is an aspiration of any trader. If you enter a query on the Internet - profitable trading strategy, the search engine will give you thousands of results, and they will dazzle the names of "win-win strategy of forex", "100 % profit", "double the bill for a week" or "secret millionaires profitable trading strategies". Of course, it's naive to believe that this way in front of everyone in the public domain are the sources of wealth. In this article we look at how to distinguish between a regular pacifier from potential operating strategies, how to create their own profitable trading strategy and whether to pay attention to the paid strategy.

Start from the beginning - how to distinguish between a profitable strategy of loss. There are two ways to solve this problem. The first way is to test strategy "Strategy Tester". Strategy Tester is a tool platform Metatrader, the essence of the work is that the program runs your strategy on historical data of the past, as well as history repeats itself, there is a chance (that chance) that the test will be valid for a future trade. The disadvantage of this method of checking profitability is often necessary to optimize the trading system under the current market conditions, the second negative - can be subjected to such tests only automated trading strategies.

Finding a profitable trading strategy can be and by manual inspection. This method is used to test the mechanical trading systems and strategies, a trader needs to learn the most professional and determine what the result would have shown them the chosen strategy. The disadvantage of this method - it's necessary to process a very large amount of information and graphs. As much as it may sound sad, but to find a profitable Internet strategies is almost impossible. After much searching and trying to optimize a variety of strategies such thought attends trader increasingly, profitable trading strategies on the internet to find. All of the strategies available in the public domain, sooner or later give failures, and profitability strategy is temporary. Yes, in the past, they could be profitable, but in practice the trader only bring losses.

And then comes to mind only one thing - the idea of creating your own strategy. It's all depends on the personality of the trader, his ability to analyze, trade experience. A person who is a long time in the market, sooner or later notice some patterns and it gives him something to create their own strategies, based on their experience and observation. Do not forget about the psychological experience, self-control and emotional control are also important aspects of creating a profitable strategy in the forex market. It may be true that the two traders, with the same strategy, show different levels of profitability, and can and does the opposite. The differences lie in relation to trade, if you develop the habit of doing business, and the results of your method make a profit, even if a violation of the rules, the whole strategy could fail and turn into losses.

As for the paid strategies, the majority of them as well as public policies are losing the ability to make a profit over time. Plus paid strategies is that the developers constantly update and maintain them, optimizing a new market realities. Due to this strategy pay for a long time can show positive results. Trades paid strategy can be the basis for your own strategy as they usually have a more complex and profound methods of commerce, and the concept of the knowledge of these techniques will benefit the trader.

If we consider the evolution of the trader, then of course, everyone will have to go through each of the steps described here - from finding and using other people's profitable trading strategies before the invention of their own. We wish only to make this path as short as possible. Source: Dewinforex

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