There are many trading strategies which work in the foreign exchange market. Sooner or later, every trader finds such a trading system that reflects his character most accurately. All people have different perceptions of risk and work with different intensity. For example, there are some players who tend to trade exclusively on long-term charts, and refer to the terminal occasionally only to check or adjust the trading positions.

And there are traders who prefer to work permanently throughout the whole trading day. The Forex Strategy “The Puria Method” is a trading system that can make a profit every day. But you have to work hard, as trading on this strategy requires traders’ constant attention.

Traders who work on this system argue that the Forex Strategy “The Puria Method” can make a 50 points profit a day. Such profit is more than enough, as the management of capital system will do the rest of the work on increasing the initial capital. Moreover, “The Puria method” can be used for many currency pairs.

The following currency pairs, timeframes and appropriate size of take-profit are suggested for trading in the strategy:

EUR/USD - M30 - 15 pips

EUR/GBP - H1 - 10 pips

EUR/JPY - M30 - 15 pips

EUR/CHF - H1 - 15 pips

CHF/JPY - H1 - 15 pips

AUD/USD - M30 - 10 pips

AUD/JPY - M30 - 15 pips

USD/CHF - M30 - 10 pips

USD/JPY - M30 - 15 pips

NZD/USD - H1 - 25 pips

USD/CAD - H1 - 20 pips

GBP/USD - M30 - 20 pips

The Forex Strategy “The Puria Method” is a scalping trading system. The basic principles of its work are listed above.

Trading signals of “The Puria Method”

Before you start, “The  Puria Method” needs you to adjust a chart first. Add two moving averages with periods of 75 and 85, applied to Low to the trading instrument. Choose red color for both graphs. Then add an exponential moving average with a period of 5, applied to Close ( in yellow color) . Well, and finally, chose an indicator MACD with parameters: EMA (fast) – 15 and EMA (slow) - 26, SMA- 1. Once all the required indicators are settled the Forex

Strategy “The Puria Method” is ready for work.

Let’s review the simple rules by which you can enter and exit the market:

1. A long position should be opened when the fast yellow graph pierces all the red graphs from the bottom and the MACD histogram crosses the zero zone, entering the positive territory.

2. A short position should be opened when the fast yellow crosses two red graphs from the top, and MACD confirms this signal when it begins to enter the negative zone.

3. The profit is taken automatically according to the optimum mentioned above in pips for each currency pair.

You should remember as well that no one can guarantee you profits of any system in future. So if you have started to use the Forex Strategy “The Puria Method” recently, then clearly weigh the risks and if necessary place the protective stop-loss orders. Source: Dewinforex

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