With the start of the new trading week is to analyze the recent movement in the market, and analyze near-term prospects. Although the focus of last week was the U.S. dollar, as a result, he was able to strengthen only against the euro and other currencies such as, for example, the British pound and the Australian dollar showed growth, the latter being very important.

The EUR/USD has made an important break below 1.32 and is currently trading below the mark. Motion quotation EUR/USD is possible to note some correction after the breakout. Today, there are no important economic data that could affect the course of the auction, so the market is likely to be smooth motion. We believe that the European currency will continue to decline, the final goal is the level of 1.28, intermediate 1.30 . With the growth of pair EUR/USD Resistance 1.32, you can open a deal to sell with the above objectives.

The British pound ended the week in positive territory. And now growing steadily, moving to a level of 1.57 . As we wrote earlier, we believe this increase speculative and expect in the near future, maybe even this week, the start of a full-scale reduction of the currency pair GBP/USD. On the market there is a degree of divergence between the current price and performance indicator MACD. Start selling the pair at achieving the level of 1.5750 - 1.5790, aggressive traders can open positions in the market already at the level of 1.57 . Reduction potential is limited to the level of 1.52 - 1.51, although the development of the downward trend bears be confronted a couple more lower to the level of 1.50 - 1.48 . Strengthening of the pound against the background of a strong euro's decline is even more unnatural. Support for the GBP/USD is at 1.56 - 1.55, a sell signal can also be a reduction in currency during the day. In general, when the signs of weakness Bears will begin their game.

AUD/USD is facing resistance at 0.92 . From a technical point of view, the Australian dollar demonstrate the range of trade. Slowing down traffic, giving signals that may Aussie bottomed. The current flat can be the basis for a new round up the pair AUD/USD. Now is the time to re-think and out of the Australian state of permanent decline - such dynamics are no more. The growth of the upper limit of the base - 0.93, is confirmation of the fact that the wind blows from the other side.

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