The main currencies are adjusted after the sharp movements. For the majority of currencies Monday distinguished with the decline versus U. S. dollar. Currency pairs movement are rather affected by technical aspects then fundamental once, and it can often appear at the beginning of the week, when the week prospects are not clear yet and no news or economic data are available. We noted either, that the currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD is close to the resistant level and now the technical pullback is seen.

The last week was distinguished with an outstanding occasion, the American S&P Index 500 reached its historical maximum, coming to mote then 1800 dollars. Of course, such growth was possible due to the policy of cheap money, and, as a result of such policy, the positive attitude of market participants towards the economic rehabilitation. In currency market, this situation reflects in the general fall of the dollar. At the moment, some main currencies has come to the important barrier of resistance, and, in the light of the last events, they will reach new heights.

At the end of trading session on Thursday the euro regained its positions to the U.S. dollar, the British overpassed the level of resistance at 1.6112 and turns to 1.6250, and, as we expected, the Australian dollar fell to 0.9200. Although the news factor influenced on the currencies movement, market participants rather acted guided by technical models.

The EUR / USD pair increased, recovering from the harsh slump. The European currency increased, starting from 1.3400 supporting level. By the end of the day the pair rose by about 80 points, although it failed to reach 1.3500 yesterday. Economic news were mostly worse than it was predicted by experts, investors could be pleased by data on the Service Sector Business Activity Index and Manufacturing Index in Germany. Other data from the European bloc of statistics showed a decline, that is the same indexes from France and the whole Eurozone.

Currency trade on Wednesday ended with a considerable euro to the U.S. dollar decline. The pair UR / USD fell over more than 100 points. The main reason for the decline was the statement made by Bloomberg TV channel on a possible lowering of interest rates by the ECB, even the possibility for negative interest rates implication. The Australian dollar suffered either, it has fallen over 100 points during the day. At the moment, the U.S. dollar continues to turn firm versus to the main currencies. The British pound kept from the decline, but it has lost all previous positions by today and now, the pair GBP / USD is under pressure and weakened as well as the other currency pairs.

Trading on the foreign exchange market on Tuesday ended lower currency pair GBP/USD and AUD/USD, EUR/USD pair grew up. The market currently has a small load of news, so that most currencies are moving according to established trends.

Start a new trading week promises to be monotonous, the volume of trading on Monday, is likely to remain at low levels, due to public holidays are not working banks in France, Canada and the United States. In general, the market will move in the week with the latest news and statements of Central Banks, which make investors and traders to buy dollars, since the weak positions of major currencies.

The market still maintains neutrality, each subject to its currency trends. The focus of the current data from the eurozone and the UK, which are the expectations of market participants in the market should lead the movement.

The EUR/USD continues to lateral movement. Further determine the trend of the European Central Bank. Opinion was divided analysts, some believe that the ECB will leave interest rates unchanged and strategists Bank of America and Royal Bank of Scotland have the opposite opinion. Prior to the conference, a little earlier, there are data on industrial production in Germany, analysts predict a decrease in performance. The European currency rose during trading session on Wednesday, contributed to the growth of economic data, most of which were better than expected. So, for example, demonstrated a significant increase in factory orders in Germany, which in turn can have a positive impact on the level of industrial production, which, as we noted earlier, posting today.

Movement of currencies on Tuesday had diverse character. The largest increase in the session demonstrated the British pound, helped by economic data. Market participants' attention focused on the ECB meeting, which will take place on Thursday, so the European currency is under pressure and is trading in a range. Today we expect the news flow from the Eurozone, the economic data for Germany, Spain and Italy. In this regard, the movement in EUR/USD may be volatile.

Despite the large number of applications on sale Friday, on Monday opened without major currencies up, except perhaps that was the Australian dollar. To date, the market is sluggish, movements slowed down and the currency traded in a narrow range. However, still during the Asian session was seen a surge of activity, such as EUR/USD pair dropped sharply by more than 50 points, but also quickly returned to its previous state. Today we expect a small news section on the euro, the pound and the data in the evening on the U.S. dollar.

On Thursday, the greatest impact on the foreign exchange market have European data. Fed meeting and it's outcome had no scale effect. Market participants are focusing on current events and market conditions. The greatest volume of trading was recorded for the pair EUR/USD, other currencies are traded moderately without sharp fluctuations. Today holidays in Italy and France - banks and financial institutions do not work, therefore, is expected to reduce liquidity.

Wednesday ended with the strengthening of the U.S. dollar against other major currencies. The focus of the meeting was the Federal Reserve. The result was the news that the asset purchase program unchanged, interest rates have also remained at the same value. The reason for this decision is unconfirmed economic growth, the FED wants to see him more confident and stable, showing the weakness of the housing sector, as growth is constrained by the fiscal policy of the USA. The labor market is recovering at a good pace, with regard to interest rates, they will remain as low as possible for a long time, even after the completion of bond purchases.

The result of the auction on Tuesday was another decrease in quotations of major currencies against the U.S. dollar. Actually this dynamic trading due to the expectation of market participants meeting FOMC, as well as other important news related to the U.S. . Today, there are data on changes in the number of employed in non-agricultural sectors, analysts forecast a decline to 151 000, the other big news will be the data on inflation.

Corrective movements in the market continues. Currencies continue to lose their positions, the U.S. dollar recovers. Participant of this week will focus on the U.S. data, they will have a significant effect in the absence of important news from the Eurozone. In view of the strong ground motion and displacement of the balance of power in favor of riskier currencies, many analytical agencies and banks give voice to the new recommendation and forecasts about the prospects of the currency market.

Foreign exchange market was closed on Thursday in different directions, such currencies as the euro and the pound showed an increase against the U.S. dollar, the Australian dollar closed in the neutral zone. Impact on the market to provide economic data from Europe and America, who were going out for the day. Today is also expected saturated news block.

Trading session on Monday as expected, was not very active. The only event was the publication of data on home sales in the U.S., the rate was worse than expected, but nevertheless, a strong pressure on the dollar, he did not have. The market goes into a correction after a significant decline in the dollar against most currencies. At the end of Monday's U.S. currency rebounded slightly.

The trading week began with no surprises. Currency pairs are opened without sudden price changes. Currencies continue to trade near the highs. The problems in the U.S. ended but, nevertheless, the U.S. dollar remains under pressure. Last week, investors and traders are risk-averse, which provided support to risky currencies. The main question of this week whether such currencies as the euro and the pound to reach new highs, or stay on the current levels. Some analysts believe that market participants re-evaluate the situation in the market and the demand for risky assets will decline.

Trading session on Thursday ended with the growth of major currencies against the U.S. dollar. Solving problems related to the budget could not support the dollar, but in a few months, or more precisely in January 2014 the Americans will again have to face this problem. Market participants reacted negatively because of reduced chance of curtailing the program to purchase assets in the year. Now, most investors expect the Fed will act only in the second half of 2014. This was the main reason for the decline of the U.S. currency. Dealt a blow to the U.S. China, informing markets that plans to cut America's credit rating by one notch to A-, explaining the inability of the U.S. fast to solve their problems.

Bidding on Wednesday, stir strong volatility and volume news background. Today everyone is talking about only one, the problems associated with the suspension of the U.S. government and the question of raising the national debt ceiling ended. The result is quite expected, at the last minute Congress decided that increases the U.S. debt limit, the government can now return to work fully. Also identified specific date, the United States can make borrowing until February 7, and the government will run until 15 January 2014. In financial markets, this agreement caused a rise in global indices.

Today, Monday, in many countries such as the U.S., Japan and Canada public holiday, so the exchange will be closed. This situation is diminished liquidity in the market, and therefore can be sharp currency movements and increased volatility. Of important events can be identified economic data on industrial production in the euro area, which will be published during the European session. In connection with the beginning of the week the major currencies, most likely, will show a significant recovery after falling last week.

Bidding on Thursday ended with the growth of the U.S. currency. Currencies began to decline against the U.S. dollar in anticipation of the Fed minutes later after reports decline intensified since statements of the members of the committee supported the national currency. The main news was that the beginning to minimize the program to purchase assets may begin as early as this year. Market participants also expect news about the negotiations with regard to politicians «shutdown» government, this situation is still the main topic in the media.

U.S. inaction on raising the national debt plates and renewal of the government keeps the market under pressure. Today the major currencies against the U.S. dollar, analysts believe that Asian investors are buying dollars because see the speedy resolution of the political problem, the ECB representative Joerg Asmussen also spoke in favor of the United States, noting that the decision will no doubt be found. Attention Tuesday was also drawn to the speeches of the President of America, Barack Obama, who spoke about the unthinkable failure to raise the national debt, and demanded an immediate decisive action to resume the work of the government.

The past week has ended strong correction of the currency pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD. The growth of the dollar was linked lack of scheduled economic data, the market immediately saw this as a positive effect, since the program is the decline in asset purchases may move over to a later period. More fundamental to the growth were protracted negotiations to reopen the government, analysts believe that the solution will be found in the near future. On Monday, the specified currency opened higher and is now trading moderately.

Trading session was held on Thursday against the release of economic data that largely determined the movements of currencies. The European currency has strengthened by positive news from the eurozone, as well as due to the weakening of the U.S. dollar. Today is the last day of the week and as usual it ends at the most interesting - the currency pairs are suitable for highs and upper limits, which are strong resistance. Behavior quotes around these values determine the future prospects of the market as a whole.

At the end of trading on Wednesday, the U.S. dollar fell against most currencies. At the forefront of growth were the European currency and the British pound sterling. For the growth of the major currencies against the U.S. dollar has several reasons, one of them weak economic data from the U.S. labor market, the second - the president's speech, Mario Draghi supported the single currency. Restart the government in the United States also put pressure on the dollar and creates additional risks associated with the technical default.

After a strong surge in volatility and significant growth of individual currencies in the market is a correction. As many market participants have closed their positions ahead of the conference the ECB and the U.S. labor market data. This news may give traders and investors new signals for action, in addition to disclose long-term prospects of the currency market. Do not be left unattended, and the British pound, the index of business activity in construction is an important factor in the economic recovery, analysts expect growth in this index.

The new week started with surprises. Despite the overall decline of the dollar against major currencies during the Asian session, the European currency was opened up down. One of the central events of the week is the meeting of the U.S. Senate, which must decide on the financing of the budget. At this point, all currencies are in trading ranges, formed last week.

The movement in exchange rates during trading on Thursday were multidirectional nature. For most currencies ended the day lower against the U.S. dollar. Market participants were pleased with the macro-economic data from the United States, which failed to show positive results and thereby lend support to the dollar. Today, Friday, traders and investors are also awaiting news section of the United States, an important event as it will be the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi.

Currency trading on Tuesday for most currencies were in the red zone. The market continues to be adjusted, the U.S. dollar is slightly recovering. The main influence on the auctions had a business climate in Germany, it has not met the expectations of the market and was below analysts' forecasts, and thereby lend support to the U.S. dollar.

Since the beginning of the week the euro under pressure, show an increase in other currencies against the U.S. dollar. Drivers for the euro today could be the ECB Mario Draghi speech and speech Dudley and Dennis Lockhart, which will affect the rate of the U.S. currency. The rest of the foreign exchange market is influenced by the FED's statement made last week.

Despite the strong pressure that was the U.S. dollar on Thursday, the U.S. currency still managed to hold and recover some of the losses. In many ways, the appreciation of the dollar contributed to positive economic data on the U.S. economy.

The EUR/USD has shown mixed results, the growth of the European currency was stopped better than analysts expected data from the U.S.. The pair reached the 1.3570 mark, then decreased to the level of the opening. From a technical point of view we can say that the euro will consolidate after strong growth, so we have to be a small decrease in pair EUR/USD. Local levels of support and resistance levels are 1.3570 and 1.3500, respectively.