The market still maintains neutrality, each subject to its currency trends. The focus of the current data from the eurozone and the UK, which are the expectations of market participants in the market should lead the movement.

The EUR/USD continues to lateral movement. Further determine the trend of the European Central Bank. Opinion was divided analysts, some believe that the ECB will leave interest rates unchanged and strategists Bank of America and Royal Bank of Scotland have the opposite opinion. Prior to the conference, a little earlier, there are data on industrial production in Germany, analysts predict a decrease in performance. The European currency rose during trading session on Wednesday, contributed to the growth of economic data, most of which were better than expected. So, for example, demonstrated a significant increase in factory orders in Germany, which in turn can have a positive impact on the level of industrial production, which, as we noted earlier, posting today.

If the interest rate would remain unchanged, the market's attention will be riveted on the ECB conference. At the same time, the data will be released in the U.S., namely the application for unemployment and GDP, the importance of this news also not be underestimated. Currently the pair EUR/USD is trading above 1.3500, growth, in our view, limited to a mark 1.3550 . After the news, most likely, will be a strong surge of activity and the EUR/USD pair moves sharply after such a long downtime, so we recommend that you close your position before the news release.

The British pound continues to grow, yesterday the pair GBP/USD touched 1.6100 level, then pulled back. To date, the currency pair is trading on the upside. UK data released yesterday supported the pound. Today, the Bank of England is also to publish data on the interest rate and make a statement. Therefore, active trading the British pound provided. Support for the pair is at 1.6000 and resistance at 1.6100 .

The Australian dollar fell because of labor market data. The pair AUD/USD fell below 0.95, while maintaining lateral trend. The overall unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.7 %, while the number of jobs created instead of the projected ten thousand, was found to be only 1,100 .

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