On Thursday, the greatest impact on the foreign exchange market have European data. Fed meeting and it's outcome had no scale effect. Market participants are focusing on current events and market conditions. The greatest volume of trading was recorded for the pair EUR/USD, other currencies are traded moderately without sharp fluctuations. Today holidays in Italy and France - banks and financial institutions do not work, therefore, is expected to reduce liquidity.

The focus of the European currency is trading yesterday, EUR/USD pair dropped 150 points. Couple swept away everything in it's path levels of support, the euro is now trading below 1.3600 against the U.S. dollar. The reason for the strong and sharp decline was the economic data from the euro area and the peripheral countries. Particularly devastating effect had data on the unemployment rate in the euro area. Analysts and investors are hoping to improve the situation on the labor market, but unemployment remained at a high level of 12.2 %. Unemployment in Italy is worse in total increased by 0.1 %, reaching the values of 12.5 %. Consumer spending in France are also in the red, down 0.1 %, the expected growth of 0.2 %. Data for Germany also disappointed market: consumer climate has worsened, retail sales and import prices also showed a negative trend.

Of course, such a negative impact on the demand pattern for the European currency. While the dollar was supported data index of purchasing managers from Chicago, whose value has increased to 65.9, significantly exceeding the expectations of economists. Now the pair EUR/USD will go to the support of 1.3500 . Will the euro continued it's upward trend after a sell-off, an open question.

The British pound is still near the support at 1.6000 . It's noteworthy that the negative data from the eurozone and the subsequent sale of these euro does not put pressure on the pair GBP/USD. While the pound is above the support level, it's likely the beginning of growth to 1.6100 .

AUD/USD is trading below 0.95, but the bulls are not giving up. Movement of the Australian dollar have mixed trends, the currency is growing up, it falls against the U.S. dollar. In other words formed flat, and the pair AUD/USD has lost a clear direction.

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