Trading session on Thursday ended with the growth of major currencies against the U.S. dollar. Solving problems related to the budget could not support the dollar, but in a few months, or more precisely in January 2014 the Americans will again have to face this problem. Market participants reacted negatively because of reduced chance of curtailing the program to purchase assets in the year. Now, most investors expect the Fed will act only in the second half of 2014. This was the main reason for the decline of the U.S. currency. Dealt a blow to the U.S. China, informing markets that plans to cut America's credit rating by one notch to A-, explaining the inability of the U.S. fast to solve their problems.

So, the European currency rose to the level of 1.3679 . The pair EUR/USD has made more than 150 points, thus approaching the euro to a maximum of a given year. Contrary to the Chinese rating agency, Moody's believes that any threat to the U.S. rating will not be in the next two years. On the technical side of the EUR/USD pair finally broke free of lateral movement, and now goes to the north, the first target will be the maximum of the year - the level of 1.3710 . Substantial support of the European currency and the demand from investors indicates the appearance of an upward trend, but as long as 1.3710 resistance is not punctured, there is a possibility to reduce the European currency. The level of 1.3710 could be a starting point for correction after the sharp rise in EUR/USD pair to 1.3600 .

The fact that the decrease in asset purchases should not wait until 2014, said the head of Blackrock, the largest asset management company, Larry Fink. He notes that the earlier reduction of QE was scheduled for December - January, but since January, will begin new talks on raising the national debt ceiling, reducing the QE will be moved to a later date. Larry Fink believes that the reduction program will begin in June next year.

Today 's economic calendar is still no statistical data about the United States. On the one hand be a little cool markets, and on the other - it's Friday, we may see the closure of many speculative transactions. The result of which will be the recovery of the U.S. dollar. Therefore the cost to traders watch how to behave Exchange at the close of the European session, similarly currency can move and at the end of the U.S. .

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