After a strong surge in volatility and significant growth of individual currencies in the market is a correction. As many market participants have closed their positions ahead of the conference the ECB and the U.S. labor market data. This news may give traders and investors new signals for action, in addition to disclose long-term prospects of the currency market. Do not be left unattended, and the British pound, the index of business activity in construction is an important factor in the economic recovery, analysts expect growth in this index.

The EUR/USD dropped all afternoon. Released in the evening economic data from the U.S. please investors, thereby dollar got support. Euro sank to the level of the opening day. The fate of the euro will depend on today's data, we recall that the pair EUR/USD is quite a long time in a sideways motion. Large investors, using flat, gaining great position to guess in which direction the market will move pointless, the best action is to wait for the news that is sure to be the main drivers. A rise above 1.3580 will mean winning bulls and then the pair EUR/USD will go to the level of 1.3700, in case of a fall below 1.3465 euro single currency may lose their full potential, support for the pair will be the level of 1.3200 .

Pound after growth adjusted. The pair GBP/USD is near support at 1.6100. Yesterday's positive data on the dollar forced the British Pound retreat from highs. As we have mentioned above, traders and investors are holding their assets in sterling, will wait for the index of business activity in the construction industry. The increase in this index will be another factor pointing to the recovery of the UK economy, which will support the GBP/USD pair, and will continue to grow.

AUD/USD has also decreased from the values ??reached yesterday. The Australian dollar is the fundamental basis for growth, Bank of Australia said that most of the economic indicators are located on the middle level. Given the weakening Australian dollar does not look so bad. To continue the growth of the pair AUD/USD to overcome resistance at 0.95 and consolidate above. Support for the pair is still at the level of 0.93, the immediate goal - 0.95 .

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