Start a new trading week promises to be monotonous, the volume of trading on Monday, is likely to remain at low levels, due to public holidays are not working banks in France, Canada and the United States. In general, the market will move in the week with the latest news and statements of Central Banks, which make investors and traders to buy dollars, since the weak positions of major currencies.

The EUR/USD was fixed below 1.3400 . Level 1.3400 currently acts as the resistance. Friday's news from the United States was to the liking of the participants of the market, the U.S. dollar was supported, as the European currency continued its decline began after lowering interest rates on Thursday. From a technical point of view, the future road EUR/USD pair is directed to the south, flat near the level of 1.3440 was broken with a lower limit. The only obstacle may be a slight consolidation of prices due to the closing of short sales by speculative players, but in our opinion, the price does not retrace more resistance area around the level of 1.3400 . Statements Draghi and reduced rates by 0.25 basis points would have a more lasting effect, so in the near future should not expect an increase in EUR/USD. At the moment, the European currency traded slightly higher against the dollar, the first target for the pair is the level of 1.3200, in addition to psychological support level and has the technical strength, moving average for 200 days on the daily chart is also located near the specified mark. All of these factors point to the significance level of 1.3200, after which the market will see a less serious correction. Minor support located at 1.3300, as can be seen from the graph that mark a pair of EUR/USD actively pay off.

The Australian dollar dipped after all, the strengthening of the dollar, and the care of high-risk assets fall provoked pair AUD/USD. The pair breaking through 0.9400 level, confidence goes down to the 0.9300 area. Apparently, the bulls have lost control of the Australian unconditional, and now we will have a side band. Support and the lower boundary of the channel will be found at the level of 0.9300, and the resistance will be at the level of 0.9500. It's possible a deeper fall Australian, if the bears will easily 0.9300 - 0.9200 level the pair AUD/USD may reach up to the level of 0.9000, although this version of events, we believe it's unlikely.

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