The trading week began with no surprises. With the opening of trading, as usually happens on Monday, there has been little activity. The European currency shows a slight decline, the British pound sterling and the Australian dollar traded unchanged.

The EUR/USD opened at 1.3380 during the Asian session, the dollar could strengthen a bit. Stronger movements can be expected during the European session. Affect the EUR/USD pair will be able to later data on orders for durable goods, analysts expect an increase in this indicator. Positive data would support the dollar, the immediate goal for the pair EUR/USD is the level of 1.33 . The growth of the 1.34 mark is limited, it's worth noting that the European currency has long been drifting between these two levels, the downward movement seems more likely, but there a couple waiting for obstruction at the level of 1.32 . Breakout of 1.32 will make the bears more aggressive and will signal the emergence of a downward trend.

Britain today rests - the official day off. Movement of cable can be as volatile due to lack of liquidity and calm due to lower volumes. Recently, the GBP/USD pair dropped and we believe that this trend will continue. The resistance for the pound is at 1.56 and the immediate goal is the level of 1.55 . 1.55 support level is a watershed that will show whether the decline in GBP/USD corrective movement or sustainable new trend.

Australian dollar holds tight. Trading is above the psychological level of 0.90, which in turn constrains the market participants from short positions, although buying, weakened the Australian dollar, there is no great desire. Support for AUD/USD has a level of 0.90 while the quotes above that mark downward pressure will be negligible. In our opinion, the uncertainty surrounding the pair AUD/USD will force her to move in a range for a while, the upper limit of which is the level of 0.92 - 0.93 .

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