Price movements on Thursday showed the expected dynamics. The European currency reaching a value of 1.33 against the U.S. dollar retreated, the British Pound was down, while the Australian dollar is fighting for the level of 0.90 . On Thursday it was a lot of important economic data, which also had a significant influence on the course of trading.

The EUR/USD was under pressure after the publication of minutes of the FED has managed to recover its position. The fall was completed at the level of support - 1.33 . In addition to the technical factor, this currency pair helped the positive economic data from the U.S. and the euro zone, which gave market participants optimism, which ultimately resulted in a greater appetite for risk. Level 1.33 resisted, but now there is continued downward trend for the pair EUR/USD and the re-test of the strength of this support is only a matter of time. The resistance for the euro is at 1.34 . A break below 1.33 opens the way to the nearest support level of 1.32, in the medium term, in our opinion would target the 1.30 mark.

Pound shows a decline. Falling Intraday GBP/USD continues, though noticeably slowed down and is sluggish. Transaction for the sale still look attractive, especially given the fact that at present, the pound is trading at 1.5580, close to the 1.56 resistance. Recently, GBP/USD pair rose quite strongly and we are seeing here are two scenarios for the situation. The first is a long-term decline from current levels to the level of 1.50 or lower. The second option is to continue to grow, the current decline may be a corrective movement. If rapid recovery does not decrease over, the movement of the pound will go in the first scenario. The goal now for the pair GBP/USD is the level of 1.55 .

The real battle is for the pair AUD/USD. Bears and bulls are battling for the psychological level of 0.90, the value of the Australian and then, you get higher, the lower the level. Now open the deal is risky. We recommend waiting for a strong move up or down to take the side of the victors. Although in the short term we see the significance level of 0.90, but in the long term, the pair AUD/USD is doomed to further decline. Therefore, we recommend to open short positions or when fixing below 0.90 or with an increase in the level of 0.91 .

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