Today it is Wednesday but the market reminded more of Friday. Our prognosis on the continuation of ascending tendency was correct, and the verdict of German court about the possibility of ESM ratification with restriction of Germany participation in this action of generosity within 160 billion euros only helped the ascending trend in the morning.

However after the lunch a day deployment occurred and all the assets were won back. We will not be looking for the reasons of the deployment, we will just accept it.

As a result the majority of the markets saved the positive result of the day, which does not cancel the ascending trend.

That is why with a good opening of European session on Tuesday, it is possible to purchase the following assets: EURUSD, GBPUSD pairs. Gold does not look attractive but it can become any time as it usually does. But the attempt to go outside the trading diapason on Wednesday failed and there is some uncertainty in the continuation of the trend.

Thus Thursday may be successful for bulls of today’s correction stops. Wait for upcoming news.

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