Sometimes come true, even the most unimaginable forecasts, trading on Thursday began with the fact that Bernanke's speech on Wednesday resulted in the strongest sell the U.S. dollar. Such a strong reaction to his speech, most likely, not expecting anyone. The currency pair EUR/USD began a sharp rise after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said there was risk in the U.S. economy and persistent high unemployment have signaled thereby that the imminent reduction in the amount of QE3 may not be, per night the pair reached the level of 1.32 . In the previous forecast, we expect that the correction in the euro could reach that level, but not at such short notice. Now we need to look at the European currency to a new height. Despite the weakening of the dollar, we still believe that the upward movement of EUR/USD will be limited to the level of 1.32 . EUR/USD has not met resistance in its path breaking level of 1.30 and 1.31, but the level of 1.32 in our opinion was the first and last level which could reach the European currency in the near future. Low economic activity and domestic problems the euro area point to the weakness of the euro, and the long-term downward trend we believe is important.

It should also be understood that the pair EUR/USD is primarily due to the weakening of the dollar, not the force of the euro. We believe that by and large this is a speculative growth, especially such an overvalued euro sufficiently precarious economic situation within the European Union looks unnatural. Second is a great opportunity for the bears - to sell at a good price. The pair EUR/USD is trading at the support at 1.30, from a technical point of view it looks like a good opportunity to buy euros, in the hope of forming a temporary lateral movement, but it is better to refrain from buying now. Closing the euro below 1.30 dollar will open the way to a level of 1.28, and that's where we think and move the European currency in the near future.

Sure, a sharp weakening of the dollar has caused panic in the markets, so the probability of lateral movement is very high, most likely, it will be a range of 1.30 - 1.32 . Sales from the level of 1.32 will have a high potential for low-risk, sell the same EUR/USD 1.30 if the level is more risky, but not without a sense of progress. On the weekly chart, the euro looks very attractive especially as he got closer and closer approaches the downward trend line.

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