First, USDJPY is pretty confident, it has been growing steadily since the start of October 2012. On its way of intensive growth the pair made short term adjustment descents. But they do not influence the common background of perfect growth.

Everything is so clear on USDJPY that it is hard to believe. Although it is in vain one should enjoy the drive, the first restriction of which is at 95 000.

The opposite situation is on pound sterling. It is very weak and has been lowering compared to dollar for two months while euro has been growing.

Currently GBPUSD pair is at the minimum of this year and the rebound from the support level of 1.5670 is quite possible. If this level is broken it will be impossible to avoid the descent of pound sterling.

After renewing its maximum for 2011 EURUSD pair continued its confident growth, which is restricted by resistance of psychologically important level 1.4000.

Certainly until reaching this level EURUSD pair can make several adjustment movements or to enter consolidation, but there are no signals for tendency deployment.

Last week the gold gave hope to bulls and broke it down immediately. The thing is the gold can’t start the steady growth of its quotations.

It is obvious from graph of quotations that gold found its bottom and is now lacking the growth drives. The appearance of these drivers can happen during any week, including the current one.

We wish you a good and profitable week!

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