Forex capital management – is one of the most essential parts when working on financial market, and it is stated by many professionals. Because money management forex is the first thing that a beginner has to learn if he is not planning to lose his capital during the first days of trading.

When making any deals on Forex market it is prohibited to increase the volume of the lot for more than 10 times. Many traders that are just starting to trade understand the forex capital management intuitively. Because they appear on the market with little lots, thinking that if they are inexperienced they’d better risk small sums, and they are absolutely right!

The principle of working is very easy in order to follow money management it is necessary to use only small part of your deposit. It is important to understand that the bigger your lot is going to be the more money you need to have on your deposit. Because anything can happen and in order to have some profits at the end of the day you need to trade with something the rest of the time. If you spend your money and do not take into account the capital management on Forex market, the trader career can stop at that point.

Rules of using money management.

Forex money management supposes the appearance of orders Stop Loss и Take Profit. They help the trader to avoid undesirable spending and to get additional profits. Another factor which can’t be overlooked is a psychological part of the trading. These orders are a very important condition so that the pressure of currency movement does not influence your decisions.

Money management does not accept traders who are winning back and who are thinking that they are in the casino. You have to think reasonably if you are not positive about your final goal then you had better not open an order, because that is advised by Forex money management. You must calculate all the risks and concentrate on the deals that can give you maximal profits.

If you cannot choose the size of minimal deposit that will be optimal for that rule which is determined by forex money management then we advise you to try yourself on the demonstrative account first. After you do some speculative operations, you will understand how much money is required for a real account.

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