Trading on currency exchange requires the trader to take into consideration many factors that can influence the trend changes. The use of different tools allows working out a successful work strategy that will not only expose to great risks the deposit of the player but will be able to increase its profits significantly.

Forex tactics include several main rules:

  • Every player has to rehearse primarily on a demo-account where he will be capable of using all the tools he knows and to analyze the result;
  • To trade only on the verge of price channels;
  • install stop-orders, not allowing merging the deposit in case of emergency.

Forex tactics that can bring stable profits requires from the trader acute attention when analyzing the market. It is better to use Forex trading tactics together, using the most convenient ones for a player, because in that case he will be able to hope for the best result: less losses, more profits. Currently trading forex trading tactics are developed by traders in great numbers that is why new players should only study the results of their work and advice from more successful colleagues, and the profits will appear very soon.

Forex tactics: the main types

Forex tactics– the most popular types:

  1. The easiest trading tactics on Forex – is trading in the trend. This rule presupposes the following types of deals: purchase, if the price is moving from the line of support, sell, if from the resistance. This forex tactics can bring the trader 70-80 percent from the width if the trend.
  2. Another profitable trading tactics on forex is – addition. Such work allows the trader opening new positions provided the strong trend, using the moment of backoff for making the deal. The player can leave the first deal open or close it. This tactics of forex trading can increase the size of profits but it still allows avoiding losses.
  3. Scalping (peepsing) – is another popular trading tactics on Forex. It allows getting quick profits at the expense of frequent transactions (a player can make up to 15-20 operations a day). Such tactics is often used by beginners that do not have the experience and sufficient knowledge to open long positions. Peepsing supposes making the deal for a short period so the trader can do without using many tools of technical analysis for determining the trend. The main minus of this tactics is that it does not let earning a lot and at times it leads to merging of the deposit.
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