Forex work hours – is a period when banks are working and active trading transactions are made by traders from all over the world. Forex work hours continue for 24 hours a day during the whole working week (it starts at Sunday midnight and ends at midnight of Friday). One can’t trade only during the weekend and on official holidays, like Christmas or Easter.

Forex work hours are determined by Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). In Russia forex work hours change by two hours during winter (they are added), and by three hours – in summer. The forex work schedule is determined by Greenwich (GMT), but lately this time is considered outdated.

By knowing the Forex trading sessions schedule and by correcting your trading accordingly, any trader can achieve great success. It is not a secret that one of the most aggressive sessions is the American one, and during its work one can observe significant changes in the dollar price and changes in the direction of trading on the market as a whole.

Forex sessions schedule.

Forex sessions schedule is a very important part of any trader’s work. By taking into account the peculiarities of work in the given region of the world he can plan his activities and to wait for a moment when the movement of the price begins. Based on how the beginning trader relies on schedule of forex trading sessions he will be able to receive the profits accordingly. Work with currency pairs can bring profits and can bring losses. The demand for currency pairs depends on the region.

Forex work hours are the peculiarities of trading in different regions of the world. Asian region starts its work at 3-4 A.M. Moscow time. Forex work hours in Asia are accompanied by increased attention to the following trading pairs: yean-dollar, yen-euro, US dollar- Australian dollar. Work hours of forex market in Europe coincides with standard Russian work day and lasts from 9 00 to 18 00. Significant price fluctuations of euro are observed and the demand for trading transactions with this currency is higher.

Forex trading sessions schedule:

Asian region: 3.00 –12.00

European region: 9.00 – 18.00

The USA: 16.00 – 1.00

Pacific region: 00.00 – 9.00

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