Fundamental analysis of Forex market is one of the main factors, according to which an experienced trader can build his own trading strategy. But it is worth noting that by using this analysis, any trader has to possess the information on how to better use the data. First of all one has to take into account that it is advisable to utilize any information, provided by fundamental analysis of Forex market, only jointly with technical analysis, and with other indicators. Only in this case you can be sure that your strategy is successful and will bring significant profits, since comprehensive approach allows correcting possible mistakes and eliminating possibility of errors at most.

Fundamental analysis of Forex market is directed at determination of dependence of national currency of certain country from external factors. Such data help traders that prefer working with the news, i.e. make deals right after reading an important economic or political information that influences the currency value. It is pretty easy to use fundamental Forex market analysis, because important news as a rule appear seldom and regular reports come out once a month or even less.

 Fundamental analysis of Forex: the main indicators

Fundamental analysis of Forex is based on the following information:

Politicians’ or powerful corporations heads’ appearances

The results of meeting among the most important international committees

Economic indicators of the country

If you decided to examine attentively the data, obtained by fundamental analysis of Forex, then you will be able to determine possible price fluctuations of currency pair, based on the following economic elements. First and foremost it is connected with the economic activity of the country, which means the determination of stage of development (from the recovery to the decline). Moreover the fundamental analysis of Forex takes into consideration the gross national product, which is one of the main indicators of economic activity of a specific region of the world that is of interest to the trader. Money and credit policy of the country has another important role in forecasting the direction of price with the help of fundamental analysis (rates of interest and other indicators that determine the potential of the country). Based on these indicators a trader can draw a conclusion about the possibility of price fluctuations up or down afterwards he can check them through other indicators.

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