One can meet a set of rules and attitudes on how to work with Forex on modern information sources of Internet trading possible to meet. Starting from the most difficult concepts and meaning of trading terminology, up to a simple question of the possibility of earnings.

However, we believe that one should understand different factors that determine the process of work firstly. And we are talking about work itself and not about game or trading. Only the real work helps to overcome negligence and carelessness. But Forex do not accept and punishes such approaches the most brutal manner. Probably everyone wants to know how to work on Forex successfully. But success does not come at once, at least, in trading on the Forex market. Therefore, this article describes the steps in our perspective, we describe what steps should be done and how should they be done to come to successful regular earnings.First and the most important is an experience. The possibility of sustained success and profit is close to zero without experience, and it should come with time. Certain period of real money trading time, fails, conclusions and their use, all this gives an experience to trader.

Secondly, one should form the deposit. Here you should separate and identify a few moments. 

1. Do not set high goals. You should determine how much money you need to abandon the main work. It is necessary to leave a few amount of the money on deposit for future trading.

2. It is important to remember, and bear in mind that any annual interest of earnings, which is higher than a bank deposit in dollars is an excellent achievement.

3. Subtract the sum of your investment portfolio from this volume, provided that, let’s say, five percent of the total deposit is the maximum amount of the order.

4. Form your investment portfolio and it does not matter you win money in a lottery or you accumulate it. This will be your instrument for work that will not limit you.

Everything that is mentioned above is very important, as not only an experience, but the lack of negative factors helps you to work on Forex. And issues which are listed above work on it.

So, when you have the experience and money, at the first sight it becomes clear how to work on Forex. But, in fact this is not all things which you should know. Now it is important to highlight several relevant regulations, which will help you during the trading process. You should assume that the process of stable work has already begun.

1. Trade with accordance with the trend only. It mans you should wait a pronounced movement. Once again if you have doubts you should not enter a market.

2. Strive to work on the long-term intervals. If your deposit is large enough, gradually switch to weekly, monthly, and if possible annual charts. This is an important factor, since large time frames allow you to observe movements more accurate.

3. Reduce the rate for transaction as much as possible. In the west, people usually work with three percent. Sometimes they use five percents. But in accordance with simple logic, as it was mentioned above, any annual rate above the bank rate is a good result.

4. Try to avoid any intricacies in the way of capital management. No need to use locks and other "tricky" combinations. The analysis – one order - profit.

Thus, one should put the dynamics of working in a simple frame. At the same time never stop on the novelty of information. No need to leave the information ether or neglect theoretical knowledge. You should be in the center of events, which are important for the whole world, not because you can miss something, but simply in order to lose move in pace with time.

Today there is enough amount of literature that explains how to work on Forex. Thus, all the main foundation for successful trading are described. But despite of this statistic still grieves traders with its achievements. Perhaps this is obvious, but a majority of traders needs not money, but discipline and perseverance for profitable trading.

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