Trade in the foreign exchange market is a very risky activity. Of course, you can develop or compile conservative methods of work. But, nevertheless, be required to deal with the "ants are capable units. This is difficult, as the psychological, and in technical terms. In order to independently has been successfully trading in the FOREX market it is necessary to have special  knowledge. 

All successful traders earn when the newcomers came to the market. And they had to pass a very difficult path through ups and downs, to now have the opportunity to earn trade in currencies. People who understand that they do not work in the market on their own for a number of reasons (time, or lack of skills), is familiar with such a unique platform as ZuluTrаde.

The platform was established in 2006, and was conceived as an integral link between requote, investors and brokers. ZuluTrаde can use in their own interests, as well as traders and investors. Traders, which are connected to the platform for committed transactions in their own interests and are referred to as service providers signals. Investors - the world's largest customers brokerage companies, which are consumer signals. Traders deal is duplicated on the investors' accounts.

For the investor working with ZuluTrаde is an alternative PAMM-accounts and other types of asset management. Accounts are controlled automatically. You simply become a subscriber signals a specific provider. In this format of work does not provide for fees for the management and don't restrictions on time-bound investment. An investor can constantly change their service providers, as well as maintain an account or to remove money.

 Special features of the operation of the ZuluTrаde

To begin to work with the platform for investors need to make a few steps. Open an account with the broker, which supports ZuluTrаde. And then to make money on the account, and to choose a provider signals. In the platform for a special rating system, which allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the work of trading pool. You can select multiple service providers signals and transactions will not be committed in the automatic mode.

Doesn't have to worry about the safety of funds, as money will remain with the broker, and ZuluTrаde is only a platform, which provides an information link. Traders, who are working through the system, as well as earn additional revenue. Each transaction is opened with the expanded uncertainty. Such an expansion (2 item) is always in favor of investor. These items, in the amount of USD represent the cost of the services.

Trade in the accounts investors are controlled automatically. But to close a deal can be done at any time manually. They categorically do not recommend to interfere in the sales process. There should be a very serious approach to choosing service providers, to ensure that it is fully trust in them. This is similar to the purchase of any investment product, the investor takes into account all the risks and potential profits, and simply invests money. Here the same principle, just formally looks different.

For traders working with this platform also offers good prospects. The program has a wide range of all possible settings for automatic trading. Allowed the alignment between manual and automated type of work. Also no one prohibits an experienced trader to allocate part of the capital to work with other service providers. This allows a few balance risks. The successful trader has always has the opportunity to become an ISP and to generate additional revenues in the system.

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