When doing any business, you need to feel comfortable. It is difficult to overstate the importance of user-friendly interface of software constantly used in your work. Trading is quite a difficult business and software requirements there are the highest. Competition in the market of trading and analytical platforms promotes the development of multifunction modules. Metatrader trading terminal is probably the most popular among the Forex traders, but even despite such widespread recognition of this program, you shouldn’t ignore many other worthy projects. In this article we’ll observe a trading analytical platform Rumus 2.

Novice traders could get acquainted with the first versions of Rumus over a decade ago. This is when FXCLub company offered its clients its own development. Initially the program was meant as a tool for technical analysis of the currency market, but the latest version also includes trading terminal that allows tracking real-time quotes and making deals. Thus, Rumus 2 is a complete software product for the foreign exchange market. It should be noted that this platform is a modular system that includes not just the use of standard features, but also the ability to create new ones.

To install the program on your computer, you need to visit FXClub website and go to the appropriate section. The dealer offers various service plans and related programs (Rumus is one of them). You can download the installation file for examination without creating an account. You can also find many links to tutorial videos and seminars on working with the platform there. Upon the first launch, the trading terminal of the program will offer to set up an account (demo or real). If there is a need for this procedure, you can click on the corresponding buttons and follow to the website, where you will fill out a special form. However, this procedure is not mandatory and you can simply close the trading terminal window.

Software features description

Each Rumus user can create and customize their own desktop (several desktops). The program provides special features for doing so. Then you can simply choose from a list of desktops and upload it. Platform developers are struggling to keep pace with the era and introduce new software solutions. In particular, the latest software version provides drag-n-drop feature, which allows moving objects on the desktop with the mouse.

The toolbar can also be customized and a trader can choose to display only essential buttons and functions. A distinctive feature is the ability to work simultaneously on several desktops, switching between them with bookmarks. This provides for the most structured approach to divide trading tools from analysis in general.

A user can arrange multiple windows on the desktop in random order. Technical analyst will find lots of functions and indicators there. Historic records export is allowed, as well as a possibility to create tick charts. Time intervals have quite an interesting step (4min, 3d, etc.). Pricing information can be displayed on the chart in the form of bars, lines, or candles.

The lovers of non-traditional methods of technical analysis will find such chart options as Kagi, Renko, Point&Figure. Several tools and time frames can be combined in one chart. Range of tools for graphical analysis is also wide: all kinds of lines, a whole class of Fibonacci grids, etc.

Fans of tracer analysis will find many interesting possibilities in Rumus. For example, the program allows building an indicator on some other indicator’s line. It also allows creation of indicator templates that can be later applied to any trading tool charts. There is also a standard set of templates, which contains the most common combinations of indicators. And if the trader is good in programming, the platform also offers a built-in language RuLang, which allows creating custom indicators.

RuLang allows not only writing indicators, but rather the entire trading strategies that can be tested in the program. Trading analytical platform provides a standard set of strategies that can help you begin to understand the language and principles of the creation of trading systems. Test results are provided in the form of a detailed report.

Trading software module allows trading both at market prices and by pending orders. The current rates can be tracked with a table showing the bid/ask parameters for each currency pair. It is also possible to make deals directly on the tool chart. The program displays lines of the placed orders and levels of open positions.

Trading analytical platform Rumus 2 is a powerful tool for working in the foreign exchange market, and every beginner should get acquainted with its features.

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