Many traders, especially beginners, treat trading with the help of expert advisors with caution. This kind of trading seems both attractive and challenging at the same time, and many people are afraid of difficulties related to installation and customization of the EA – they believe it would be difficult to understand all the details.

Forex EA video will provide answers to all questions the trader has in the most apprehensible form. Science has proven that a human best perceives new information after repeating it by example. The information can hardly be perceived aurally, and much of what had been heard will be forgotten in the next 20 minutes. Printed material is perceived better, but some questions remain unanswered, and the reader can misunderstand the author.

In addition to the most efficiency, training in video format also distinguishes itself with brevity. In print media, authors often artificially increase the amount of content to make it look respectable – unfortunately, this reduces the quality of training. Forex EA video lacks these cons, because the main task of the author is to ensure the viewer had no questions on the subject left unanswered. Duration of the video does not matter.

What should be taken into account when choosing Forex EA video

In recent years, there has been no lack of video tutorials on trading with advisors, there’s rather an excess of video content. Unfortunately, the quality of most of the content is poor. Most authors of the video have never used the EA in question in real trading, and therefore are unlikely to give good advice.


All video tutorials can be divided into the following types:

  • general. They give the basics of automated trading, proper installation of the EA. Specific Forex robots are not reviewed;
  • with in-depth explanation of the EA principles. The authors address issues of testing and optimization of the advisors. Attention is given to the nuances that pose the greatest difficulty for the beginner (e.g., the procedure of uploading archive of quotes for EA testing is described);
  • devoted to a particular EA. As a rule, the author of such Forex EA video is either the robot developer or the person using it in real trading. These videos are mainly attached to the EA with its purchase.


How to choose a quality Forex EA Video

Video of the first category should not be paid in any case. This is information known to everyone, it is just presented to the viewer in a convenient way. Such video tutorials can be found on almost any file-hosting service or a website dedicated to Forex. After watching such video, an individual should rather conclude whether this way of making money suits them.

Content with a detailed statement of the principles of automated trading basically gives everything you need to work with the expert advisor, but it is also distributed for free. After all, the Forex robot itself is not attached to such a video, it is more of advertising to attract new customers.

Video describing the working EA is never distributed separately from the advisor itself. It is illogical, because nobody would just give away their source of income. As a rule, only videos about robots that used to be successful are publicly available. There you can get information on the settings and the operation method of the advisor.


The main criterion when choosing the video is credibility of the source. If the video is stored on some file-hosting service, its author may be any person having at least vague image of trading. At the same time, solid online portals pay attention to virtually every word in the video tutorial and publish only verified information.

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