A man perceives the information by ear with difficulty, let alone the memorization. After reading, it is easier to understand the content, but a different interpretation of the material is possible. And only when shown, a man understands the information as it is. That is why video tutorials and video courses are so popular among the methods of distance learning, since they show the study material in the form that it should be comprehended.

Forex learning is not the exception. The quantity of forex video lessons is growing day by day, unlike the quality. In order to understand which one to watch and which one will be a waste of time it is important to know the types of video tutorials.

Forex video tutorials can be divided into the following categories:

1. Forex video tutorials for beginners. Such video tutorials contain introduction to forex market, its functioning, its members and the possibility to speculate on this market. 

2. Video tutorials with basic knowledge. Usually such video tutorials contain basic material on market analysis, which is based on classic theories of fundamental and technical analysis of forex market.

3. Video tutorials on software products. They are produced by either software developers and experienced users of a given software.

4. Specialized video tutorials. In such video tutorials unique methods of trading are shown as well as proper trading theories.

Every type of forex video tutorials should be approached differently. Thus specialized video tutorials should be searched for among authors of the theory and the author’s students, and not third-party traders and analysts, since only the author can deliver his idea correctly, without diverging from the main idea. These video tutorials are spread for free or for a fee depending on specific author’s preferences. As a rule unique forex trading video tutorials are available for dowloading, their views would bring great profits in no time. Unfortunately this is impossible and such offers have only one goal – to earn money by selling that video course to you. One would be lucky if they include a working theory of market analysis, however, very often they do not show any profits at all. Who would share his pot of gold after all?

How can one distinguish between ineffective promises and real deal? It is pretty hard. The only guarantee of the quality of specialized forex video tutorials can be the author’s name and his business reputation, which can’t be evaluated by a forex beginner. Unfortunately due to venality one should not believe to any reviews from strangers, since they might get affiliate profit from realization.

Video tutorials on using any software should be searched primarily on the official site of the developers of this software. If as in the case with MetaTrader 4 there are no video tutorials on the official webpage, one may find video tutorials on this software on the internet. For example here are 4 video tutorials for introducing the trading terminal MetaTrader4. Only one thing depends on the author: how well he knows the software and how he can help you to learn operating the program as fast as possible.

There are so many video tutorials on basic skills and classic theories of market analysis and decision making and any beginning trader thinks that he is a very experienced financier and has the right to teach others how to make money on market. Often dealing centers and brokers create whole video courses on basic knowledge of market analysis. As a rule such courses are spread for free to advance the service, but sometimes some companies offer buying the course for a fee. Paying for basic knowledge that is stated in books and is known for more than just ten years is meaningless. One should pay only for author content but only to the author himself, since it is more reliable, he will say whatever he thinks and not what he was paid for. Here are some pretty good free video tutorials on basic theories of analysis:

And at last general introductory video tutorials for beginning traders, that just started to explore forex market and speculative trading on it. One may watch any type of videos of this kind, since such information is hard to distort. Do not watch those video tutorials where you are offered “financial independence”, “freedom”, “unlimited profits”, “easy earnings”, because usually they sell only service, forgetting about risks, that you are going to run, speculating on forex.

It is unnecessary to spend a lot of time on introductory video tutorials, it is better to learn properly different theories of market analysis and to choose the most convenient trading strategy for you, and then after some experience of practical trading to pass to search of unique strategies, and only at this stage the content may be worth some money.

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