Currency pairs correlation – is a dependence of two financial tools which means currency pairs from each other. Its usage allows the players developing more precisely their trading strategies so that they can get more profits.

Currency correlation is expressed in a certain coefficient, the meaning of which can fluctuate from minus of the one to the plus of the other. Let’s look at the main meanings:

  • minus coefficient means that the price of these currency pairs is always moving in different directions;
  • plus one coefficient – the price of the currencies always moves equally, which means that if one trend grows, the second one will be growing too and vice versa;
  • coefficient that equals zero means that these currency pairs are not mutually connected, that is why the direction of one trend will not influence the other one.

A trader should watch the fluctuations of the coefficient regularly. Currency correlation can be calculated either by the player himself, or by specialists of dealing centers, that later put the knowledge acquired on their websites. The table of currency pairs correlation is open for all internet users and not only for the traders collaborating with a specific broker, that is why anyone who wants it can get it if he needs it.

Currency pairs correlation: how to use it.

Currency pairs correlation is used in many strategies for lowering the risks and getting more profits from deals made. By knowing the interconnection between the currency pairs, the players can double their positions which will lead to profits fixation as a result. Besides that traders can avoid making incompatible deals, the profits from which will be used to cover the losses. The beginners on the currency market who want to get profits and make as little unsuccessful deals as possible have to use the indicator of currency pairs correlation.

The currency correlation is also used to diversify the risks, because its readout help making deals correctly. All the traders who work on Forex with the help of the strategy of hedging, base their work on correlation. By knowing this information an experienced trader can easily guess the changes in the movement of prices of different currency pairs, in order to analyze the market he needs significantly less information.

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