Currency pairs – are the most essential tools of trading which allows getting profits due to difference in price among chosen currencies. The possibility of getting profits or losses will fully depend on how well you know the predictions of currency pairs. When choosing this tool for work, firstly it is essential to pay attention to:

  • Volatility or dynamism – the higher it is the higher the chances are of getting good profits. But one should consider the circumstance of the risk of merging the deposit being higher, if the trader made a wrong deal.
  • Liquidity determines the demand and offer for specific currency pairs.
  • Predictability – the availability of information on specific currency tool is determined. The prediction of currency pairs is the definition of their reaction on specific events that occurred in the world and usage of this information in the strategy of the trader.

Currency pairs are divided into main which have dollar (for example, currency pair eur usd) and cross-currency that do not include American money (for example eur chf).

The logic of currency pairs movement: the main moments

The movement of currency pairs is one of the most vital indicator which has to be considered when choosing the trading tool. The logic of currency pair movement depends mostly on what period of time you are accustomed of working, which trading session is the preferred for you. Every tool has its own peculiarities, for example pairs with Japanese yen are the most active during Asian session, and the combination of Euro and other currencies is in highest demand during European periods of currency market works.

By studying the movement of currency pairs every trader pays attention to interconnection of coursers of different currencies. The correlation of currency pairs allows the player to diversify the trading, while saving his assets and getting profits. The most widespread method of reflecting all the necessary information for the strategy development is the graphics of currency pairs. With its help the trader can see any price changes quickly, which can become the signal to open or close the deals. Currently there are several types of graphs that are built upon specific tools, but each of them is aimed at getting the most reliable and objective data about currency pairs.

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