Forex basics

Forex basics are the necessary knowledge and terms, without which you can’t start a trading career. Here you will learn what spread, options, types of accounts, pending orders and scalping strategies are. You’ll find answers to questions about how to choose a broker and trade on news with minimal risk, learn how to choose currency pairs. This section will reveal the secrets of training features and help you understand how to earn on Forex and succeed, while reducing risks and losses.

Round-the-clock work of the Forex market causes quite clear desire to trade (and to earn!) every day, for this reason, intraday trading − the most popular type of trading. Gradually each trader gets rid of the illusion of the «fast» money, but it´s preferable to pass this way without considerable losses. We will try to help you with it.

Each modern person knows a concept of seasonality, for instance, increase in prices for fresh vegetables during the winter season or rise in price for fuel in biting frosts, but very few people know that it is possible to earn on similar regularities. We will consider seasonal spread-trading by means of contracts for difference.

Many traders start the career from the Forex market, even without suspecting that through well known dealing centres it`s possible to work with CFD on commodities (raw materials) which price dynamics better submits to classical laws of supply and demand.

Any technical indicator is the mathematical transformation of asset parameters (price + amount + time) for the forecast of price movement. How to integrate correctly several standard techniques into complex Forex indicators to carry out the multiple-factor analysis and to achieve the most probable trading signal?

Beginning traders have an opinion that trading by tools of the stock market requires the big equity. This statement is correct only partly as nowadays almost each dealing center allows to work with indices CFD.

The optimum combination of indicators is a basis of any profitable strategy for which searches you can spend years. At the same time, the Ichimoku indicator is included in a base pack of all trade platforms. It representing ready to use trade system which can easily be adjusted to any market, if necessary.

The foreign exchange market gives ample opportunities for earnings, but it has one essential shortcoming – the small list of the assets available to trade. On this background, CFD on the stocks, allowing to diversify a portfolio, become attractive.

The popular opinion, that trade on news is for lazy beginners, isn't true now at all. Trade during the periods of information splashes is very profitable and available to any trader, irrespective of the tool, experience and a deposit amount.

Many beginning traders sincerely believe the highest volatility is inherent in currency pairs, but it is one of the most popular errors as really powerful trends are often created by the CFD market on non-ferrous metals.

We offer those who loves graphical creations the facilitated option of wave trade quite available to beginners both by the level of knowledge and a deposit amount. Especially as even the experienced traders who are constantly practicing the wave analysis consider joint combinations of Woolf's Waves and Elliott’s Waves rather effective.

The idea of a price turn (Pivot Level or Pivot Point) for the first time was offered by G. V. Chase in the 30th years and since then searches of optimum techniques of trade at the key levels don't stop. Camarilla Equation system uses the property of the market to return to the closing price of a previous period – it is considered that it`s simple and effective.

As a rule, it isn't enough to trader to determine a point of a turn and the most probable price, there is a wish also to calculate the moment of emergence of this price, that is to answer the most important question – «when». The correct creation of angular patterns as which special case are Fibonacci’s Fan and Gann’s Fan allows determining approximate «route» of the price including key time points on this way.

It is a favorite graphical figure of large speculators because the Forex Triangle with equal probability can be both models of continuation of a trend, and a turn figure. Inside of such constructions the market is consolidating, warns about the forthcoming throw and if to learn to understand such signal, then the profitable transaction is provided to you.

The successful dealer always knows not only how, but also what, when, to whom on the most beneficial price to sell it. The challenging and correctly chosen goods for the transaction − is an additional insurance of success. Let's try to describe several problems which the trader faces in the case of the choice of a Forex trade asset.

Today Forex technical analysis just like the traffic regulations: everyone study, some of them - remember, and very few correctly apply. Let's try to understand whether really technical analysis is a guarantee of reliable earnings or they slightly increase chances of success. And is it possible to catch this chance.

Far from everybody is ready to trade by tools which requires not only studying the technical and fundamental analysis, but also accounting of national traditions − all that on Forex slang is called «exotic». Let's consider features of trade in European currencies − these assets are always available, more liquid and, as a rule, much more profitable.

There is an opinion the Tactica Adversa is applied for time estimation of strong trends in any sphere of activity, which able to provide a big mass of data for the analysis, for instance, exchange prices. The next attempt «to squeeze» the price estimation in tough time frames, and successful probably.

There are the market`s laws which will earn a profit at any time and on any asset. Any trader dreams to see in the market the thing, that no one of the crowd sees, but also the considerable courage is necessary to do the necessary actions in time. The Murrey`s levels were created for those who wants to be actual and strong.

The debates on what governs the market – technique or base, probably, are timeless. Nevertheless, today fundamental analysis is a necessary element of confident trading on any asset, and underestimation of its influence may cause serious losses. Let`s consider its main factors and technique of application.

It is assumed that only the one who believes that a cataclysm is possible can avoid it. Modern times of crisis almost completely changed the dynamics of markets, decreasing technical dependences and increasing the value of fundamental factors. But any experience in trade on Forex in times of crisis – it will be definitely useful.